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Life is fast, time is limited

things to do are endless.

But now, home-cleaning is not.



  • ​Enables you to schedule your cleaning at the press of a button.

  • Capable of mapping your home as it cleans, it precisely locates everything around and knows where to go next.

  • Its low profile design enables it to clean the area beneath furniture easily.

  •  Spinning side brushes help in cleaning the corners and wall edges.

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Frequently asked questions

Does the bot mop floors ?

Yes, it’s functionalities include sweeping and mopping both.

Is multi-floor mapping available ?

Yes, the bot’s mapping system maps multiple floors and thus helps you clean multiple floors in your house.

How can I have a battery replacement?

Battery replacement will be provided by our after sales team.

Will the side brushes, mopping pads, and other consumables be provided by Xprenza?

Yes, consumables such as side brushes, filters, mopping pad will be provided timely by the company.

How often should the filters and brushes be replaced ?

Side brushes should be replaced every two months. Filter replacement depends on the amount of dirt in the house.(Recommended to replace between two to four months)

Can the robot effectively clean edges and corners ?

Yes, the side brushed of the bot design of the bot is such that it easily cleans corners and edges.



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