Content Strategist


Work From Home 

Tenure 6 Months
Stipend 3000-4000 


About Xprenza


At Xprenza, we are work on developing the first of its kind autonomous home floor cleaning experience. We are a team of enthusiasts with a vision of delivering experiences that delivers a smile.

Job Description​​

​We are currently looking to hire a content manager for our team. The applicant should have a firm grasp of the language and should be able to produce compelling bodies of work for us as and when required. He/she should have the ability to research a subject and manage authoring our blogs. This work shall entail researching customer's interests, our competitors, their brand positioning, and filling the content gaps. We are looking for a well-rounded personality, whose work ethics and communication skills, combined with an indomitable spirit, display a can-do attitude.


  • The ability to produce grammatically sound and intriguing copy and excellent English written skills.

  • Ability to write catchy titles, compelling headlines, subheadings, and CTA. 

  • Worked with good SEO practices and keywords selection and research.

  • Picking the right subject to write about and authoring the blogs.

  • You will need to research your customer’s interests, pain points, and their demographic for crafting relevant and engaging copy.

  • You will need to identify your competitors, their brand positioning, and the content gaps that they have left for you to fulfill.

  • You will need to learn about your company’s products, understand how they are unique, and align your content development with it.

  • Managing a consistent publishing schedule.

  • Having the ability to communicate and collaboratively work with teams from various disciplines.

Why Xprenza?

The most obvious, yet the most monumental question perhaps! Well, to begin with, at Xprenza, you will be surrounded by people who genuinely care and value each and every endeavor of yours. No matter what your background is, whether you like navigating the alleys of language, or you are the freak attracted to the world of coding or engineering, you will find yourself at peace with the work culture. Being frank and transparent is second nature to us. We know diversity is the mother of coolness and our myriad of different personalities make us who we are, pretty darn cool! It doesn't stop at this. At our company, you will be part of a revolution that seeks to relieve the mechanical burden of everyday life. Rest assured hence, that every unit of your work shall have a compounding effect on our dream, and we will together edge closer to a more efficient and exciting future.



Team Xprenza stands tall and beautifully diverse, holding high it's mission of "delivering experiences that deliver smiles".



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