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Eight Things You Must Know About Our Subscription Model

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

There were days when man would devote all his life to material wealth, buying all that he could, before dying. Later however, new ideas came up, introducing to us the concept of renting and subscriptions of commodities and services. No wonder how changing trends and perspectives change people and their priorities too.

When we talk about subscriptions and renting, we see it’s a domain still left to be thoroughly explored. With a practical approach and some smart ways of putting it to use, subscription, rather than purchasing, is all you precisely need!

Following are eight reasons to smile when we talk of subscriptions and renting plans -

i. It keeps you in touch with the company’s assistance.

Whether or not there’s somebody to help you understand the technology around you, we definitely are. Be it some confusion about the usage, or curiosity of the best possible utility, we've got your back for it all. We’re here to keep in constant touch with you, to make sure you and your rented product have a good rapport and are doing fine.

ii. All maintenance issues get covered.

To ensure smooth and easy cleaning of your floors everyday, you’re supposed to do nothing but sit back and relax. The company keeps up with its regular checks and maintenance of the product, taking you far away from worries. In case of any issue, no matter how severe or trivial, you can anytime reach out to our support team, which is forever ready and happy to help.

iii. You can discontinue the usage anytime you wish to.

It’s more often than not, that a service or product you purchase, doesn’t turn out to be that great, or well, just too pathetic. And down the lane go all high expectations you had from it.

It doesn’t always have to get that bad though! Why not test the product out for longer than just the free trial duration? In case you feel it isn’t your cup of tea, you’re always free to discontinue with the service. That way, you not only save your money, but also get all your convenience and time to decide if the product is a keeper!

iv. No chance of regretting a wasted purchase.

We’ve all had that one purchase which later felt good for nothing, because it turned out that the product was barely helpful, and never satisfied you enough.

Well, if you pick the smart way of subscriptions to rent your product, you get to decide how long you want to keep it for, with only a meagre amount that you pay as your rent. So with that, can there be any chance of regrets? Never! Your money, time, energy, or even the product – nothing goes in vain!

v. You get to use the best, by spending the least!

Ownership being the big thing it is, charges you as big as it gets. Why worry yourself with huge sums of money to pay just because you wish to use the product? The practical and feasible option of subscription or renting, lets you have the experience you’ve been looking for, without having to spend a penny to purchase. One of the major reasons why buying has now become boring, and renting things up is more in vogue.

vi. Most helpful to have your temporary needs covered.

House help in today’s date is one of the major concerns everywhere. In the absence of it, things just get tougher. Is there a way to ease it out for those who run out of house help? There is!

For the duration of absence of your house helpers, the only substitute you need is not another helper, but just a product or service that stays only for as long as you want it to. And you get that here, with us, by taking up our subscription plans!

vii. Easy replacement of product whenever you need.

When it comes to technology, there can be guarantees and warranties, but not 100% sureties. Since we understand this, we work to make it easy for you with subscriptions, as it enables easy replacement in the event of a machine or system becoming unresponsive or breaking down. All of this, at lightning speed!

viii. No worries of guarantee or warranty.

Had an experience where the product absolutely impressed you, was cost efficient too, and yet you had to put it down? Needless to say, the “No guarantee or warranty” acts as a major turn off. Why? Because once your purchase is done, it’s not the company, but solely you who are responsible for the state of the product.

Now, switch from taking responsibilities to letting the company be responsible!

With a subscription model, all maintenance, requirements and repairs of your product are taken care of. What you only have to do is pick a suitable subscription plan, trust the process and smile!


With time not just passing, but evidently flying far and high, we’ve indeed come a long way. And just how almost everything around us has changed in the process, it’s time our decisions regarding our expenditures and lifestyles change, too.

Did you make your smart decision yet?

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