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Four ways to make everyday cleaning smarter, faster and better.

Bound by the utmost concerns of health and the societal norms which associate cleanliness to the higher dimensions of spirituality and refinement of a persona, daily cleaning chores become inevitably essential. Moreover, cleaning is probably something you do that nobody notices until you don’t do it. Life may seem to be a “Sweep-Mop-Sweep-Repeat” routine, day-in and day-out, but that certainly does not mean that you have to slog for this one thing in your entire life.

Life becomes easier when we start keeping the rules of ‘Smarter, Faster and Better’ to the core of everything we do. Based on this same worldly perception, let us simplify some lesser-known principles to everyday cleaning:

1. Less is more: The 80/20 principle (The Pareto Principle)-

It is usually the 20% of your efforts which make up the 80% of your results. Put simply, this would help you to speed up the time you spend. This calls for you to identify the areas which require how much more and how much less of your efforts. For instance, your living room and kitchen may call for daily sweeping and mopping but an empty guest-room, which is less frequented by your family members, can suffice even if you just sweep it daily and mop it weekly.

Pro-tip: Not every nook and corner of your house needs to be swept and mopped with the same intensity. Schedule your cleaning regimen accordingly.

2. Use the right tool for the job: No “one size fits all”-

The handle-diameter of the broom-stick should be apt for your hand to avoid any sort of wrist injuries due to sudden movement or the cumulative effect of repetitive motions. The “one-size fits all” rule is a myth since the mechanical cleaning devices are designed with the perspective of the ‘average-customers’. Postural deformities and other musculoskeletal problems may erupt out of such incorrect equipment usage and the downside is that considerable damage to your body would have been already done before you would realize it.

Pro- tip: Under such situations, investing in automated cleaning equipment can be a smarter choice, considering the recent progress in hi-tech.

3. Clean the cleaner too: “Nothing is more dangerous than ignorance”-

Majority of the people neglect this part. Right after mopping the floor, the mop-cloth has way more germs and that too in a more concentrated form, and imagine using the same uncleaned cloth again to mop the surfaces, the next day; it could have been better if you would have simply skipped mopping than rubbing a dirty mop-cloth over a less-dirtier surface since it is simply gross. The same goes for the other cleaning equipment. Dirt is only matter at the wrong place.

Pro-tip: If cleaning the cleaner seems a hectic task to you, then you should prefer daily disposables.

4. Health is Wealth: “Mind, body, heart and soul”

No physical discomfort ultimately leads to mind, heart and soul at peace. Watch out for the substances you are allergic to. Be cautious about slip-and-fall accidents while cleaning . Do not over-exert yourself when you feel low. Divide the everyday cleaning responsibilities among the members of the household. However, the paucity of time in today’s world hardly leaves people to take out some time. So, you can opt for buying AI-enabled cleaning machines which are successful and hitting the markets.

Pro-tip: If buying gets on a higher side of your budget then there are organizations which rent the same through their subscription models for a specified time duration.

Cleanliness is to supplement the vitality of your health and not to sap vitality out of your health. Keeping this to our core, we at Xprenza, are high on our spirits to empower lives with health and positivity. We are all set to reward you with time that you would have otherwise ended up losing while abiding by your daily cleaning obligations.

To let every diligent soul to delve deeper into their more productive avatars, we are here to take the ‘everyday cleaning weight ’ off their minds. So, when are you shedding your unnecessary burden of cleaning?

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