• Avni Sri

No House Help? We've Got You Some!

Cleanliness and hygiene are the direct parameters which influence our overall well-being. As a result, cleaning is more of a duty to be fulfilled everyday. A lot of us have a helping hand in the form of a domestic help, but being a fellow human only, they too have their limitations and social obligations, which may require them to not show up for work some days.

Moreover, in a world with the COVID-19 pandemic, there are more concerns of spreading of infections unintentionally and this has prompted a lot of people to take up the entire burden of everyday cleaning, all over them, in a bid to be self-reliant. However, this burden can be comfortably reduced by adopting some smart strategies to turn your homes spic-and-span.

So, let us spill beans over these strategies to make cleaning an easier daily-affair.

1. Be Spontaneous: “Catch ‘em young”

Do not wait for surfaces to get dirtier to clean them later with more accumulated dirt, all for once.

For instance, if someone accidentally drops some ketchup on the floor, better clean it right there, instead of waiting for others to step on it and worsen the other areas with the ugly ketchup-stains for you to play a treasure hunt over finding those stains later.

“Catch the stains young”, which actually means to clean the mess as soon as you spot it. A stitch in time saves nine!

2. Turn Proactive: “Predict, prevent and stay ahead”

This demands you to adopt a predictive as well as a preventive approach towards cleaning than a reactive approach for the same. In the long term, this proactive approach pays you back massively.

A proactive cleaning approach can be covering the surface with a suitable material to avoid dust/stains to certain surfaces. Besides, there are floor coatings available these days, which are dust-resistant (or stain-resistant) to let you clean effortlessly, than tirelessly struggling to remove dust (or stains).

Proactive cleaning prevents headaches later!

3. Choose the right things: “YOU matter”

It is more important to use the right procedure and tools for cleaning, since the adverse impacts can be grave for your health.

You must be careful about the cleaning chemicals used since they can trigger nasty allergies. You need to maintain a correct posture while cleaning and choose a cleaning tool, which is not made on the concept of average consumers, but actually suits your grip.

People who experience any discomfort during cleaning should try to refrain from getting involved in the pertaining activities.

Cleaning is to supplement our good health and not to take a toll on our well-being. However, calling it a day-off for cleaning may not be a safe idea, and in such a case, an automated cleaning equipment can be a good option considering the better tech-enabled and user friendly versions, which are available in the market.

4. The right things: “One for many”

Instead of using a disinfectant to mop the floor and then a room freshener to curb the awful smell, look out for an effective and scented disinfectant, which can work in lieu of both to reduce your efforts.

Even when looking out for an efficient and automated cleaning equipment, search for a product which can sweep, mop and combine various cleaning procedures, instead of investing separately for a product that can only sweep and the other which can do the only one thing in its entire product-life.

Some good “all-in-one” cleaning products in the market are more efficient than the ones providing only a single or limited action.

“One for many” is a double-edged sword since it would save up a lot of space in your house, which you would have otherwise needed to store the cleaning products.

Keeping in line with the above mentioned easy ways, we hope that you would find your happier and effortless cleaning version soon.

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