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Save Your Efforts For The Right Things: Here's How To Do That

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

A million things to do and a limited energy to accomplish the same. Life may seem like a never-ending vicious cycle of different sorts of work and commitments. However, should life be super-busy? Well, life should be lived in a virtuous cycle. This calls for the need of a concept called ‘conservation of efforts’ to save one’s energy for the right things in life.

Based on this practical concept, let us delve deeper to find some lesser-known principles to ultimately boost your daily productivity.

1. Prioritize and act accordingly: “The Eisenhower Matrix”

The question is “To Do or Not To Do”. There is more to life than having qualms over being pre-occupied with every random and insignificant thing. This is where the Eisenhower matrix comes to your rescue to decide your action towards a work depending on its importance and urgency. This would help in better time management and eventually, better results.

Pro-tip: Instead of jumping directly to getting the work done, take a very little time out to decide the significance and urgency of the same and decide your timing to do it accordingly.

2. Plan and prepare a strictly doable ‘To-Do List’: “The 1-3-5 Rule”

STOP being the Pink Panther singing “To do, to do, to do, to ,to, to,to,to doooooo….”. Instead of getting over-whelmed with too many tasks, it is better to stick to the 1-3-5 rule which calls for you to list out only one major task, 3 moderate tasks and 5 minor tasks, to chalk-out a more doable ‘To-Do List.’

Pro-tip: Depending on your ability, the number of tasks for each category and in totality may be different but the number of major tasks should be the least while that of minor tasks should be the most, keeping the number of moderate-tasks in between the numbers of the big-tasks and the small tasks.

3. Take some break to refresh: “The Pomodoro Technique”

The Pomodoro technique suggests breaking a work-schedule into 25-minute chunks separated by 5-minutes break. This helps in culling a feeling of having endless time to do a work by making one feel the urgency of doing the maximum work in a small timespan. Besides, the 5-minute power breaks make you to catch some breath and refresh rather than feeling frazzled and burnt-out after a long tiring day at work.

Pro-tip: All work and no play makes makes you dull. Instead of working at a stretch, divide your work into shorter time intervals with power-breaks in between.

4. Automation and Technology : “The Two Rules of Technology by Bill Gates.”

The first rule of any technology is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency. So, why not fuel our lives with the efficiency of automation, to alleviate the burdens of daily life!

Pro-tip: Automation and Technology have widened the scope of smart work, blessing people with comfort and time. Simplify your life and savour your precious time by adopting affordable automation and technology in your daily life.

Do not let the monotonous and insignificant things in life make you slog and sap out your precious energy. While travelling, cooking and other arenas may have witnessed a new spring of technology to simplify lives, we feel that the everyday cleaning chores are still lagging behind in terms of technology adoption by the commoners. However, why to cause aches to your body and engage your precious time for cleaning when you can have a robot to clean it better and more efficiently?

One may agree that the costs of advanced technology may hamper your decision to adopt it but when there is an alternative to rent for a time-period satisfying your whims and fancies and that too at a pretty affordable price, then you should definitely not shy away. To make this technology budget-friendly and accessible to many, we at Xprenza are committed to bring a change in the perception of people towards cleaning efficiently. We are high on our endeavours to make a necessary part of cleaning as effortless as possible. So, when are you joining a life of comfort and bliss with a smart technology at your beck-and-call?

Experience a smart cleaning bot that effortlessly fits in your budget and vanishes all your cleaning woes!


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