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Six Secrets To Save Yourself Some Quality Time.

Often most people complain about not finding enough time to pursue what they really love, in a quest to be productive and successful, all preoccupied with business in their lives. This ‘business’ is a vicious trap of work and household chores. However, there exists a clan of people with the same 24 hours every day, gracefully managing everything efficiently, be it their job or leisure or family.

Who would not feel envious of the latter bunch of people? On a deeper side, the fact is that these people have inculcated some easy mantras which lets them effortlessly take out some quality time, to make them the ‘superhuman’ they seem to be to the ordinary people.

Let us decode these mantras to save some quality time in our lives too.

1. Value Health

A significant amount of time can be effectively utilized when there is no ailment in our body to stop us from doing what we want to do. Any discomfort to our body or mind directly impacts our performance at work.

Mantra: Health is wealth. Adopt a healthy lifestyle to cherish your quality time than losing out on precious days of your life with a disease.

2. Sleep Well

A sound sleep of minimum 6 hours daily is a pre-requisite for revitalizing the entire body. When tired or sleepy, one tends to use up more time than needed normally for completing the same task. It makes no sense to lose out on sleep.

Mantra: When you are sleep-deprived, productivity drops drastically. So, catch on your daily beauty-sleep to effectively save a significant amount of quality time daily. Never compromise on this aspect.

3. A Life of Routine

As boring as it may sound, it is necessary to have a fixed schedule for your daily activities than letting things to just happen in life. There is no denial of the fact that life should be adventurous and one must be adaptive. However, a routined life sets discipline and a greater zeal of vision in one’s outlook, which helps a great deal in time management. Moreover, this habit lets us to stay in sync with our body-clock which naturally increases our productivity.

Mantra: With a pre-decided daily schedule, it gets easier to figure out your quality time on a daily basis. The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.

4. Stop Procrastination

We all have a limited time of existence on this planet. Our lives are not eternal but we have a habit of leaving things for that one better-suited future timing, which one can never achieve in reality. This procrastination may make one feel a sense of guilt later but more than that, it makes us to hasten our tasks at the last moment, restricting the extent of performance one could have delivered. This is the actual reason which makes people to get stressed at the eleventh hour or wear an impostor of being ever-busy.

Mantra: Procrastination makes your work more time-consuming than perfect. Let it not eat up your quality time. Life is NOW. Stop putting off for tomorrow, what you can do NOW.

5. Stay away from social media

Social media is simply addictive since it gives us an escape from reality, a reason to divert our life away from our apparently monotonous life. It may depend on how an individual uses it but certain social media sites are certainly useless, since they make one to compare lives and arouse jealousy. People are simply wasting their time, hovering over the lifestyles and professional endeavours of others than caring enough for their own.

Mantra: Stop scrolling aimlessly. Log out and discover your precious time, which may have simply vanished without you even actually realizing it. Use social media very judiciously.

6. Switch to smart technology

As per various surveys, an average individual ends up spending around one hour in household cleaning on a daily basis. One hour being 60 minutes is a significant amount of everyday time to delve deeper in what you love or to boost your social life. However, everyday cleaning is not something that can be compromised even for a day in a world witnessing a pandemic of such a grave magnitude, which has further led us to stay cautious about cleanliness and hygiene. So, to catch hold of this daily one hour one may turn to a smart cleaning bot, instead of slogging an hour daily. This may sound a costly affair if you have to buy the cleaning bot but there are organizations which rent out the same bot, making it pretty affordable.

Mantra: Technology is to simplify our lives. Let the smart bot do the job and reward you with time. Spice up your life smartly.

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