• Aishwarya Menon

Six ways to have better mental health and well being.

In a world that's eternally running behind having the perfect body and material wealth, exhaustion and stress is sure to creep in. It's high time to take into consideration the equally important mind and it's well being to keep the physical realm going.

The world has come to a sudden halt with COVID-19 and there's endless cases of depression and suicides already. We definitely don't want it happening anymore, do we?

How can we make sure we don't fall prey to such negativity? Having the 'B+VE' blood group would've been great (intended laughs). Enough though; lame ones might perhaps add to your stress rather than take it away.

If you think there's nobody to share things with, you've probably gone wrong. We do care for you and are concerned about your well being.

And so, we bring you the six simplest ways to help dodge away your worries and make a difference :

1. Practise Mindfulness and Meditate -

The hype around meditation is not because you just sit back with your eyes shut and keep mum. Your mind needs to relax and stay at one place rather than wander about in ten different directions. To achieve the same, a lot of meditation trainers ask you to pay attention to your breathing, so your mind focuses on only one activity for that period of time and cuts the unnecessary clutter. This is called Mindfulness, and is considered to be therapeutic. Be in the moment, appreciate what you're surrounded with, and be grateful for what you have. This is meditation, in true sense.

2. Record your Audios/Videos -

When a thought crosses your mind and you feel like talking about it, but you have nobody to discuss it with, what you can do is record a voice note or a video of yours, talk your heart out, and go back to your audio/video to have a look at yourself.

When you pay attention to your facial expressions while you speak, the voice modulation you carry in your speech, and the choice of words that you make, it helps you know yourself better, strengthens your self analysis, and is anytime a fun thing to do. Also, while you do this activity, you boost your confidence and focus only on yourself, which is nothing but Mindfulness.

3. Make Cleaning-up easier and better -

What plays a major role in triggering your stress is lack of time and too much work. Why not save yourself some quality time everyday rather than keeping it just for the weekend?!

If it sounds impossible to you, what you need is Xprenza's smart floor cleaner. A device that will sweep and mop your floors daily at your commands, thereby letting you relax and focus more on yourself than on daily chores.

Write a journal, strum your guitar, do some moves, get in touch with your long lost hobby, pick up a new one, or do whatever pleases you in all the time you save up!

4. Stay Paw-sitive! -

"An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language" - the language of innocence and love.

With all the positivity reflecting in them, what else does one need to calm down and relax? Interestingly, they'll love you and want you more than humans do! Science says that oxytocin (happy hormone) levels in the human body go considerably high when one spends time around animals. You probably need some wagging tails and wet noses around more often! :)

5. Have Conversations with family -

One of the most highly considered ways of therapy is bonding with your family over conversations. Even random ones work. When you have a talk or two, share laughs and tears, you establish an emotional connection with your people. That's exactly what one needs in order to keep going. The love of one's family, the knowledge that they're there, and the feeling of being wanted. It all comes to you when you take some time out, and prioritize your people.

6. Watch the Sunrise and Sunset everyday -

Can anything ever be mightier than nature? Just one glimpse out of your window can instantly rejuvenate you.

Looking at the skies with your feet on the ground, you realise how huge the entire universe might be, and how infinitesimally small a being you are. Are your problems really that huge?

Looking at the sunrise everyday brings you hopes for new beginnings, and sunsets make you realise that all good things must come to an end, for a new beginning to come. And all of it, with a beautiful treat to the eyes! Indeed, the best way to pause for a moment and kill your worries, to live in the moment.

Pampering yourself in such tads and bits is always a good thing to do.

We at Xprenza, are trying to bring you happiness and comfort by giving you back your lost time. Did you receive yours, yet?

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