• Aishwarya Menon

Your step by step guide to a clean and smart home

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Availing products and services today no more remains just a give and take process. The present day fad is less of give and more of take - all thanks to far reaching advancements in the market. Purchasing stuff is now old school. Renting and subscribing is the new cool!

Joining hands with Xprenza’s subscription model, one receives every benefit just the right way, with a systematically guided plan of action.

With everything little and big around you getting smarter everyday, it’s time you embrace technological smartness and take a step ahead too.

Your stairway to a smart and clean lifestyle has only four tiny steps :

1. Sign up:

With the help of only a few nominal details like your name, email, contact number and residential address, we take you through your first step of subscription, which enables us to book your product and deliver it at your doorstep after you’ve chosen and paid for your subscription plan.

2. Get home your personal cleaner -

Without having to move a finger, you receive your robot cleaner packed with care and love for you, only within 3 to 7 days after you have signed up for the service.

3. Use and enjoy -

Once you have your cleaning bot to make your floors shine, you must only lay back on the couch, maybe take a nap, or even go out grocery shopping while your personal robot takes care of your everyday cleaning routine, all by itself!

4. Get it upgraded -

If you face any problems, our service team would collect your bot, mend it away and do the repairs if need be, handing you over with the newest features in your bot for each of your subsequent rental periods.

Also, why stay stuck with just one product? With us, you get upgraded to our new releases every two years!

Way easier than it sounds and way better than it seems, this structured process definitely makes for your first step towards a structured life.

Time is slipping away. Take your leap of faith into a smart and organized life with Xprenza!

Because with better cleaning, comes better living.

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