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Under the hood

Sweeping + Mopping (Cleaning Performance)


Our smart cleaner comes to you wisely designed, not only to sweep floors, but mop them too. Brushing away all dirt and debris, it leaves behind your carpets, slippers and laundry bags just as they were - untouched and dry.


Easy Maintenance


All dirt of your house gets collected in the bot's dustbin, which can easily be emptied from the top, and the filter can easily be washed.

Hair strands that the brushes take up can be removed with a cleaning tool that you get directly attached to the bot.


Navigation System


Not just cleaning, but knowing where and what to clean even in the dark, makes the cleaner, a Smart cleaner. With permanent mapping for fast, automatic room generation and long term map-stability, it adapts it's cleaning behaviour to its environment.


Multi-floor Mapping


The bot's mapping system isn't confined to one house or one floor. With its intelligent navigation on multiple maps, it registers the map of all interiors it comes across, thus functioning in more than one house or floor.


Anti-collision, Anti-drop


There's no reason to worry when the cleaner knows its No-go areas, so as to never collide with or bump into any object your floors hold. Even if not in place, your belongings won't be touched; so it doesn't harm your privacy or personal space. :)


App and voice control


You can intuitively control every move of your cleaner via the app. Commands like start, stop, go home etc. can be voice controlled via Google Home and Amazon Alexa, alongwith status of the battery level, position of the bot, eg : Robot docks, cleans, goes home, etc.




Intricately designed to absorb cleaning sounds, our robotic cleaner comes with 25% reduced noise levels, causing you no disturbance as it leaves your floors spick and span.


Zone cleaning


The cleaning perfectionist follows it's patterns and routes such that it never gets stuck. It systematically switches from one room to another during its cleaning run, returning back to dock after cleaning is over.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions - 34.5 cm X 9 cm​

Weight - 3.4 kg

Battery Capacity - 2600 mAH (Lithium ion)

Running Time - 60 - 130 minutes

HEPA filter class 13

Inside The Box

Robotic Vacuum

Charging Station

User Manual

Dust Bin - 0.6 L

1 Main Brush, 2 Side Brushes

Wet Cleaning Accessory



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