Robotics Scientist
(Mapping and Navigation)

Full Time 
Location- Pune/Nagpur

CTC- 14-17 Lacs 


About Xprenza


At Xprenza, we work on developing the first of its kind autonomous floor-cleaning experience using robotics. A team of enthusiasts and tech lovers, we hold high our vision of delivering experiences that deliver smiles.


  • B.E/B.Tech or ME/M.Tech in Computer Science, Electrical or Electronics Engineering  with 1-3 years of hands-on experience 

  • P.hD. in the relevant field.

Job Description​​

  • Use strong communication skills (verbal and written) to design, implement, test, and document robotics algorithms in C and C++ on desktop and embedded platforms.

  • Develop novel algorithms for mobile robotics navigation, particularly simultaneous localization and mapping, obstacle avoidance and path planning, and sensor fusion.

  • Design and develop distributed machine learning algorithms for robot control.

  • Develop an algorithm for learning cooperative robotic behaviors.

Skills Required:  

  • Should be thorough with graph analysis problems, discrete mathematics, and have a strong background in Algorithm development.

  • Must possess a very strong programming background, especially in C, C++, and Python.

  • Should be able to read research papers on Motion Planning in robotics and implement the algorithms mentioned in a prototype robot.

  • Should exhibit good communication skills to present his design needs for implementing certain algorithms.

  • Should be able to work collaboratively and maintain an efficient Version Control repository.

  • Should have prior experience in robotic simulation environments like WeBot, VREP, Gazebo-ROS, or must quickly grasp its concepts.

  • Must have the understanding and ability to deploy deep learning models for integration with the classical motion planning approach will be a bonus.

Why Xprenza?

The most obvious yet monumental question, perhaps. To begin with, at Xprenza, you will be surrounded by people who genuinely care and value each and every endeavor of yours, regardless of what your background is. Whether you like navigating the alleys of language, or whether you're the freak attracted to the world of coding and engineering, you'll find yourself at utmost peace with the work culture. Being frank and transparent is second nature to us, and we believe that diversity is the mother of coolness.

It doesn't stop at this. At our company, you will be part of a revolution that seeks to relieve the manual burden of everyday life. Rest assured hence, that every unit of your work shall have a compounding effect on our dream, and we shall together edge closer to an efficient and exciting future.



Team Xprenza stands tall and beautifully diverse, holding high it's mission of "delivering experiences that deliver smiles".



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